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Welcome to DRD's Gamers' Corner

The purpose of this area is for preview EVO Themes and everyone to have fun. If you need theme support or if you need to contact me for support, please go to the Main DRD Site. But if you are here to have fun, please register yourself an account 8) and let's Rock 'N' Roll.

Emerald Dragon

Renaming the site name!

Just want to let everyone know that I am renaming this site from DEMO Site to DRD's Gamers' Corner. I am turning this into a fun site and a themes preview at the same time making it a dual purpose site. This way everyone can use this site for fun and also preview my EVO themes as well. Hopes everyone likes the changes, and let me know what you want to see on this site. And I will try to put them up for you.

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